"Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." -Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:34)

From Chandler’s “The Explicit Gospel”

I am currently read a book entitled “The Explicit Gospel” written by Matt Chandler (TX pastor). I read this passage below and it sadly struck a chord with me…

“We all at some point said the right words to people who simply are not hearing them. The phrase, “It’s like talking to a brick wall” is common for a reason. One of my frustrations living in the Bible Belt is that the gospel and its ancillary truths have been so divorced from actual living that a lot of beautiful theology has become cliche. There is sentimentalization of the faith that occurs when you sanitize the gospel of Christ crucified or sift it from the substance of the Christian religion. The result is a malleable Jesus, a tame Jesus. The result is, as Michael Spencer says, “a spirituality that has Jesus on the cover but not in the book.” When we dilute or ditch the gospel, we end up with an evangelicalism featuring special appearances by Jesus but the denial of His power (2 Tim. 3:5).” -Matt Chandler
The Explicit Gospel

Let’s live the abundant life given to us in and through the power of the gospel of Christ!


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